A beautiful house is completed when its walls are well painted or marbled and the floors have perfect finishing. These two are the elements of the house that one notices no matter what. For both of these, there are several contrasting methods and huge numbers of different designs that often makes one confuse and still, they are increasing. Some like to have vintage feeling in their houses and some like to have new and modern. No matter what sort of end product one requires, there is always a process that is done by the hardworking men to attain perfection. 


There are various types of flooring out which three are pure marble installation, fake marble installation and timber floor installation of Newcastle. Each of these methods has their process and own benefits. It depends on person to person what would they like to have in their house. 

Timber flooring: 

Timber flooring is one of the best floorings to get installed in houses and other properties. There are several contrasting beneficial factors for having it. It increases the value of the property so, when you resell your property, due to the timber flooring you have high chances of getting more money than the original price. 


Timber floors are extremely beautiful and add a classic touch to the interiors. If you look in the old movies you would find timber flooring everywhere. The floors can easily blend with the interior of your house whether you have a Victorian style or the more modern contemporary look. 

Easy to maintain:

Timber flooring is quite easy to maintain for a very, very long time. If you feel yours is getting old and looking old, all it need is floor polishing. Proper floor polishing will give it a good as new appearance. Al they have to do is floor sanding to remove the uppermost layer of the flooring and the use the polishing machine to give it a new perfect shine and all you have to do is keep it clean and that is it. 

Saves the budget:

 Already wood is quite a sturdy material and is not easy to break. So, when you have a timber flooring you should know you are saving your expenses in a long term because not only it is strong and sturdy but, you can get is polished again and it will be good as new again, so here you are saving the extra money. 


Tiles and marbles are often quite slippery which can cause accidents. Wood flooring is not slippery which makes it safer to walk and move things around.

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