What Are Ideal Cutting Sticks

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Ideal cutting sticks

Ideal cutting sticks:

 A great additional unkind tool. Ideal cutting sticks are used with guile-tines and secateurs to accurately expurgate from one sheet to another. It fits directly into the groove of the slicing table under the knife. Moving down, the stiletto gently pierces this bar to obtain a clear, shiny glaze. Secateurs are offered in three fabric elegances. Raspberry knives are made of uncoated pvc, suitable for Passion Steel and Good Day stainless steel and carbon metal knives.

The grays bar is made of Holystone Poly-propy-lene and is suitable for High Power Metal knives. The white blade is made of polyamide and is used with tungsten carbide and hard metal knives and razors. The cutting rod is the cutting device of the knife unit and must be made of strong but not too stiff fabric. If the material is too soft, the knife will go in too deep. The back plate is removed inefficiently. If the fabric is too strong, the knife will quickly dull or crack. Ideal cutting sticks perfectly meet these requirements.  It is important to replace or rotate the acerbic bar once the knife is deep enough too bowdlerized through the bottom sheet of the package without shrinking. You will need to turn or adjust the handle each time you change knives. The feed of the cutting bar depends on the fabric being processed. “The smaller the fabric, the stronger the fabric and can support more weight.” Recommended value:


 Ideal cutting sticks must be replaced every 800 cuts. This will prolong the life of your knife and prevent scratches on the blade. At the factory, POLAR has installed a completely redesigned cutting bar that can be used with all knife models. Nylon cutting inserts are also used for heavy-duty cemented carbide cutting blades. The unique properties of this material contribute to excellent release of the upper cut in certain areas of the cut.


 Litho sales and labelling parts guillotine cutter bar and three blades. The pliable cutter bar fits directly into the slot in the set on fire control panel. The knife cuts the cutter bar at the end of its downward movement and cleanly and efficiently cuts each blade inside the last.


 We supply all brands and models of elastic rods. The cutter bar range follows the latest trends and is suitable for all choppers and shredders on the market. Flexible hack sticks have many reflectors. Match the cloth with the best knife. Foretell durability at a certain level of cut. A healthy pair with many of the best knives. Roughly related to eco-friendly disputes and flexible recycling regulations. Economic returns of using pliable cutting rods. Suitable for more traditional materials such as firewood, hard-pressed paper.

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